JINDO Beauty


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Business Challenges.

1. Strong and differentiated name & brand

People love Korean Cosmetics. They represent Asian heritage and technology, recipe tradition, perfect skin and a cosmopolitan way of life. Our main challenge was to create a name and a brand that celebrates Korea as a culture as well as fitting it IN.TO to the European market. 

2. Respect Korean culture but fit IN.TO Europe

3. Construct the unique selling proposition 

cartão de visita branding jindo.png

Our Proposal.

We created a unique symbol by blending a Korean build with varied-length borders inspired by ideogram brush strokes. It resembles a person, sitting in a mindful pose, formed by the word Jindo. The symbol has its own personality and is topped with a layer of emotion by the tagline From Korea With Love.

We created a colour palette and patterns inspired by Korea’s great cities, their colours and harmonic pairings. It’s pure eye candy: it has a pop feel, exquisite blends and powerful tones. The idea was to combine vibrant colours with pastel ones to create a sense of balance, like yin-yang.

palete cores branding jindo.png
padrões branding jindo.png


This brand is now up and running with brave and differentiated visual that allowed the market entry to be notorious. Currently JINDO Beauty is operating in Portugal with plans to expand to Europe. 

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