Eugénio Campos

Lifestyle Shoot

Social Media · Photography · Content Creation

Business Challenges.

1. Capture the product on a lifestyle environment

Photographing jewels is not as easy as it seems at a first glance, specially if we're looking at using that content on Social Media. 

Our main goal was to bring the jewels alive in a lifestyle context, to showcase how can they be part of your everyday life. 

There is a special editing to these photos to enhance the product. 

2. Photograph for Social Media platforms 

3. Increase engagement through the pictures 

Our Proposal.

Working with models and the client, we achieve a great results of balancing the idea of the "everyday life" with product and elegance. 

We also photographed for the different social media formats, so the client could explore all channels of communication. 

It was crucial the collaboration with client for product combinations and guidance. Together we achieved an outstanding result. 


The engagement on Social Media (organic) was really good, it went up by 20%, including positive and engaged comments. 

Client was thrilled with the results, specially the way we've balanced all components. 

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