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Business Challenges.

1. Young and differentiated brand

It was important for this hospitality client that we created a brand that could be flexible enough to accommodate different types of rooms and concepts, from downtown apartments to zen retreats we needed to cover it all. Also, being fun, attractive and reaching out to a younger public was in the briefing. 

2. Needed to be applied to completely different concepts

3. Increase number of bookings


Our Proposal.

Taking in consideration that it was important to cover different acommodation concepts, we decided to give it a name that reflects what all of them have in common: the fact that whichever environment you choose, you can feel like a local.

From there onwards, our imagination went wild. We started creating signatures (like tourism clichés LY), the heart shape of LY (also meaning Love You), emojis for personalised WhatsApp messages, the smile from the logo with different colours to adapt to different spaces, etc. They the devi...marketing is in the details, so we we created the eyes of the smile emoji with the letter LY (gave them different personalities) and also the talking balloon effect that could also represent a pin of "you are here" signs.



We’re currently rolling out this new brand and so far the reservations went up by 7% and conversations with customers using the new design was a success.

This brand will be adapted to all physical locations and will soon be activated with different concepts. 

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