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Inês Barril

Co-Founder & CMO

With +10 years of international experience in Digital and Innovation Marketing, she won some crazy-super-important awards and now has decided to return to Portugal to help businesses get in.to digital transformation.

For your first date, note: cats are not her thing, but she loves a good business conversation, nice veggie food and some red wine. And if you’ve been in London, Barcelona or Madrid be prepared to talk for hours, she does love the places she lived.

Cátia Fernandes

Senior Marketing Executive

Being the best is a short objective, plus, she believes that digital is part of who we are as humans. With this formula, she’ll make sure your business grows in the right direction, to the right audience with the perfect message.

Also, she coordinates the relationship between you & us. 

For your first date, note: she not only loves sushi, she also loves getting to know more about everything and everyone and...dogs (and dog videos).

Joel Ramos

Lead Designer 

Concepting it’s his thing, design is how he expresses it. This means, that he’ll make sure that your design does not only look amazing but also it's consistent with the overall project. The most important thing is that he thinks human first.

For your first date, note: he loves art (shocker!), to surf (like all-the-time) and enjoys a contextualised conversation.

Léo Motta

Creative Copywriter

As an awarded Creative Copywriter, with artfulness running on his veins, he is always ready to come up with amazing creative concepts, powerful punchlines and outstanding copy. With +10 years of experience he definitely takes concepting to the next level.

For your first date, note: he’s a conversation disruptor that loves a questionable joke, is a music aficionado and adores a good veggie burger. Also is a proud father of Bowie, the cutest black mutt ever.

Jorge Pinto

Audiovisual Creator

Some say he was born in a flash, truth is, he’s one of the best capturing THAT moment. He’s responsible for photo and video and, definitely takes photography and videography to the next level, for one simple reason, he absolutely LOVES what he does.

For your first date, note: he loves his job and talking nerd about cameras and technology related to photography. He also loves music and he's a festival fanatic.

Anabela Ribeiro

Social Media Manager

Writing it’s in her blood but the most amazing thing is the fact that she can stop writing and put herself into numbers (don’t tell her this, but she is, actually, brilliant at combining both skills). Apart from analysing, she takes very good care of your online investments and makes sure your money is put in the right place to the right audience.

For your first date, note: she adores makeup, cinema and of course Netflix. Extra tip: talk about Italy and see what happens.

Filipe Freitas


Straight from Brazil, he’s responsible for making things look absolutely-incredibly-outstanding.  He has an amazing experience turning a beautiful design into a lovable design (the type that your customer will love). And wait to see him illustrate, stunning!

For your first date, note: he loves veggie food, marketing (actually a real shocker! A designer that loves marketing!!!!) and you’ll probably catch him wandering in an art exhibition. Extra tip: the amount of Brazilian jokes he knows, will make your day.

Tiago Simões

Marketing Executive

Organisation and creativity are his middle names. A perfect duality for taking care of all the workload and at the same time, providing a brilliant solution. He’s also responsible for making sure daily work gets done within the right timeframe.

For your first date, note: he loves fashion (nobody noticed, right?), comics and by default Star Wars. You know the line, may the force…

Let's have a date.


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